President’s Message

Dear members & collegues,

First and foremost, I would like to welcome everybody to our very own GESM website. This has been a long awaited avenue for all of us.

Everywhere in the world today, everybody is keeping up to the latest surgical development in endoscopic surgery. Over the last 3 decades there have been thousands of publications in numerous areas of gynaecology which have shown a better outcome and advantages using endoscopic surgery either as a diagnostic or a therapeutic tool. This evidence has been seen in endoscopic surgery from as simple as tubal ligation up to the complex radical surgery.

Surgery has always been the most feared treatment for any patient, even among us, the health care providers. Big scar and pain were images in patients’ mind once surgery has been advocated to them. Minimally invasive surgery offers new perspective for both patients and surgeons. For patients, small scars, less pain and better cosmetic outcome would make them become more receptive for surgery. As for the surgeons, endoscopic dissection offers a magnified view of diseased areas, better identification of structures and haemostasis. There will also be less bloody contact with the patient during surgery. This will reduce the likelihood of hazardous surgical accidents which may result in some coexisting infectious disease transmitted to the surgeon.

As we progress towards being a developed nation it is imperative for us to envelope the latest technologies of treatment. It is time for us to move forward. In Asian region, endoscopic surgery is catching up very rapidly among young surgeons. As a country we should not stay behind. We must work in tandem with the global momentum. Endoscopic surgery should not be regarded as an alternative surgery anymore. More than 90% of common gynaecological surgery such as ectopic pregnancy, cystectomy and cystectomy in pregnancy can be done laparoscopically. More than 2/3 of hysterectomy and myomectomy cases can be settled through the same way.

Let us not be just a follower of this surgical technology. Let us be part of the development and initiator of better techniques and ways to improve this surgery. Let us not only be just a listener in international platforms where people are sharing their endoscopic experience.

I hereby invite all of us to move forward into endoscopy, accept it as a deficiency if one do not have the skills, so that it will purge us into engulfing these skills. Finally, embark into it not only for the sake of medicine but more importantly for improvement of patients care and well being.

Best regards,
Dr Wan Ahmad Hazim
Gynaecological Society of Malaysia

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