Frequently Asked Questions

Joining us will enable you to access information, education and training as well as sharing knowledge and experiences with over a thousand members who are all passionate about minimally invasive surgery in gynaecology.
One time registration fee will be RM 20. Upon successful, any registered member will be given options for RM 50 annually or RM 1,000 for lifetime membership.
We are currently use Maybank Berhad as our banking account. Please deposit the payment to our account name - Persatuan Ginekologi Endoskopi Malaysia, our account number - 5660 1061 7454.
Absolutely not, our membership is drawn from a wide group of professionals. Membership is open to the following groups:
Consultants and Staff Grade and Associate Specialists who are gynaecologists on the Specialist Register of the XXX, or other specialties related to the objectives of the GESM.
Doctors in training in the specialties.
General Practitioners with an interest in gynaecological endoscopy.
Nurses, Operating Department Practitioners and other theatre personnel who are interested in developing their expertise in gynaecological endoscopy.
The GESM is committed to supporting and improving training. It was actively involved with developing the XXX in hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery and lead the development of the XXX advanced laparoscopic module.
A structured forum for trainees is about to be launched. As part of the training opportunities available we are also designing web based procedural skills modules for gynaecological trainees at all levels (Level X-Level Y), highlighting the importance we place on training.
The society is active on Instagram, we keep the news section of our website up-to-date with relevant and interesting stories of interest and we produce a quarterly newsletter “XXX” full of information about news, research, meetings, courses and all that is happening in the world of gynaecological endoscopy
The GESM is continually looking to get involved with, listen to and respond to the needs of our patients and patient groups. Representatives from Endometriosis host a stand at our XXX and we actively engage over social media. Our website is evolving and soon there will be a dedicated patient space with information and guidance. We also offer a search facility for GESM accredited endometriosis clinics. This allow patients to search for facilities in which gynaecologists work in multidisciplinary teams, have sufficient workload to maintain their skills and audit their data, to enable them to get the best possible care.
Refunds from the GESM (GESM policy – Xth XXX 201X)
From time to time, members and non-members may wish a refund for membership, over-payment of membership, or an inability to attend a conference they have previously paid for. The GESM stand to lose monies in these situations due to administrative & banking costs as well as potentially losing delegates at a course or conference.
This policy aims to set out a fair refund policy when people have paid money to the society but wish to have a refund due to unforeseen circumstances.
Terminating Membership
Membership should be terminated by giving notice to the Secretary. Membership is for a year. However, a member can cancel within two months of payment and the fees will be reimbursed minus a RMXX administration charge.
Subscriptions cannot be reimbursed if a member has already used his membership to obtain reduced fees at a course or conference.
Termination of membership will also result in termination of associate memberships to the XXXX and YYYY.
It is the responsibility of a member to ensure that they cancel their standing order, direct debit, or other bank transfers when they cancel their membership. If they omit to do this and subsequent membership fees are debited, they will be reimbursed for the whole year minus a RMXX administration charge.
Changes in membership
From time to time, a member will be asked to modify their bank transfer arrangements for the benefit of the society. In these circumstances, if the member fails to cancel a previous arrangement he/she will be reimbursed in full for the first year. If the member continues not to alter their bank transfer arrangements for subsequent years they will be reimbursed the full amount minus a RMXX administration fee.
Cancellation following payment for a course, conference, or GALA dinner.
Each conference will have a cancellation date deadline. After midnight of that date no cancellations will be reimbursed. Cancellations must be submitted via email to An administration charge of RMXX will be made on all cancellations received before or on the above date. We regret that the attendance fee cannot be refunded after this date.
All refunds will be processed after the conference.
Fees will not be refunded for non-attendance for all or part of a conference on the day.
It is understood exceptional circumstance exist and that an appeal can be made to the treasurer who may waiver an administration charge only if the society has no not incurred a direct cost as a result of any cancellation.
Policy review
This policy will be reviewed at the next council meeting held at the AGM in 2017.

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Members are eligible to get full access to which include surgery videos, forums, guidelines, training opprtunities info, journal access and local research network.